January 13, 2012

The CMMI for Services; an Initial Exposure
- John Ryskowski, JFR Consulting


Ever been at work and said, “Man, I wish those guys in XYZ group would just tighten up their game, it would make everyone else’s life a lot easier.” Who doesn’t want their Business Development group to be more effective and/or your response to proposals to be cleaner and more succinct?

During meetings with clients brand new to process improvement, I like to ask each person in attendance, “What is your greatest pain at work?” In other words, what is the one thing done differently (or not done at all) that would make things go much smoother? I would then prescribe the model part that, if performed properly, would not only eliminate the symptom, but remove the cause.

Everyone that attends this session will have a different degree of process model knowledge and experience. One thing we will all have in common is a group/department/organization whose “tightening up” could have a profound effect on us and our company’s bottom line. Please keep this group in mind as we not only learn about the various parts of the Capability Maturity Model Integration for Services (CMMI-SVC), but also help you determine which of those parts should be prescribed to cure what ails special group.

We shall cover process model basics such as history, structure, and moving through the maturity levels, for those new to process improvement and CMMI models. We shall cover comparisons to the CMMI for Development (CMMI-DEV) for those familiar with CMMI-DEV. We shall then study the CMMI-SVC with your special group in mind and determine what parts you would “prescribe” to them. We shall finish up with current and potential future applications for the CMMI-SVC.

Your Presenter: John Ryskowski is a certified high maturity lead appraiser licensed by the Software Engineering Institute to determine an organization’s and/or project’s level of process maturity as defined by the Capability Maturity Model for Integration®. John has led hundreds of appraisals for scores of organizations in the US, China, and Europe. John is really an organizational behaviorist at heart which is fortunate since this type of work furnishes visibility into organizational/project cultures and all the attendant social dynamics thereof.

CMMI, CMM, and Capability Maturity Model are registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. CMM Integration, SCAMPI, and IDEAL are service marks of Carnegie Mellon University.

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