December 2, 2011

A Look at Six Independent IT Trends That Can Impact Your Decisions and Career! - Part II
- Warren S. Reid


In this session, Warren S. Reid will continue his presentation and lead three new discussion topics (at the meta/concept level) that IT professionals and IT stakeholders should know about – as these topics can have or already have had great impact on some of the: (a) important decisions made by professionals like yourself, (b) career trajectories of others like you, and (c) and your company’s ability to enjoy continuing success!

  1. Slipping Backwards: When And How Agile Methodology Fails?
    We all know about the agile methodologies, and perhaps many of you have implemented this approach into your organizations or have used it on specific systems and software development projects. Many such projects are very successful; others only moderately so. Yet there are also some prominent failures using these techniques – which are oftentimes unreported. I recently was a consultant in a large-scale system project failure allegedly following SCRUM and Agile methodology. Changing from the more traditional “planned methodologies” (i.e., waterfall, spiral, evolutionary, and prototype methodologies) is not just a change in processes, but also a change in culture, organization structure, how IT thinks, teamwork, and more. I will discuss my experience when such things are ignored or insufficiently addressed, the resulting havoc it can produce, and some ideas on how to avoid such situations and behavior.

  2. A Look at Software Development Outsourcing -- A 15 Year Retrospective!
    For a decade and a half, many flavors of IT outsourcing, especially to India, have enjoyed tremendous growth – yet, in many circles and in many ways, it has not delivered on its initial promise – i.e., the reduction of total cost of ownership, improved quality, on-time delivery, “full functionality”, more manageable project risk, better customer service, more satisfied customers, among other things. It is time to look at IT offshore outsourcing over these years, examine and uncover some of the lessons learned, and separate the facts from the myths you should be aware of when selecting and agreeing/contracting for such services to improve your chances of outsourcing success!

  3. The Impact of The Recession On “Systems Design And GUIs”
    With Americans working later into their lives, and foregoing retirement for the time being, new computer systems and technologies must be learned, used, and managed by workers in their seventies and older. But studies and empirical evidence are showing that different age groups want and “need” different GUI’s and possibly process workflows to successfully migrate to the new technologies and continue to be efficient, effective and happy at their jobs. After Warren’s intro, this will be an open discussion of what can be done to ease this real modern-day transition challenge.

Your Presenter: Warren S. Reid: Following a distinguished career as a management and computer technology consultant and partner at an international consulting firm, where he designed and implemented dozens of systems, and consulted on approx 50 contracts for software development, systems implementation, software maintenance, hardware procurement, outsourcing and more, Warren S. Reid founded the WSR Consulting Group, LLC in 1988. He has been engaged in developing and implementing large-scale systems and turning around systems in crisis situations, such as helping create and launch the Federal Energy Office for President Jimmy Carter in 75 days, and overseeing the testing and acceptance of California’s Lotto Lottery games in just 100 days, and helping to resurrect the Malaysian MESDAQ Lottery which failed on opening day.

For more than 23 years, Mr. Reid has been actively engaged in litigation matters internationally as a consultant and expert in cases involving the failure of large-scale systems and related projects including those embracing computer, internet, enterprise, point-of-sale, robotics, casino, and ticketing systems technologies and platforms. He has testified in U.S. State and Federal Courts, the Court of Federal Claims, and the International Arbitration Center in London.

He has been engaged as an expert by a “Who’s Who” in the world of international business in matters involving: the U.S. Department of Justice and President William Clinton; an Asian Stock Exchange; Pepsico; Her Royal Majesty, the Queen of England; Compuserve; Fortune 500 retailers; CTS Eventim AG; and SAP, Oracle, Retek, Cerner, OneWorld, Peoplesoft and other major ERP software developers/vendors --to mention a few.

Mr. Reid graduated with highest honors from Baruch College in New York City and earned his M.S. and M.B.A. degrees from the Wharton Graduate School of Finance. Mr. Reid is a highly published author and has appeared on radio and CNN as an expert in systems technology.

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